1972 penny value

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1972 penny value

Picture by: Brent Middleton. The value of a canadian coin depends on several factors such as quality and wearsupply and demand, rarity, finish and more.

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PL Proof-like : Special coins struck at the Mint with a brilliant relief is struck on a brilliant field and not intended for circulation despite the fact that their composition is identical to the coins produced for circulation.

If Proof-like coins have been removed from their protective envelope or original package, it is harder to differentiate them from uncirculated coins. Proof-like coins are struck up to two times on numismatic presses. Beforeif specimen coins have been removed from their protective envelope or original package, it is harder to differentiate them from PL coins. Specimen coins are struck up to two times on numismatic presses. Most of the following pictures come from the generous contribution of the community.

1972 penny value

Titles attributed to them doesn't always reflect the exact error or variety on them. Feel free to let us know in the discussion board if you see one picture that need to be fixed. The Population Report below shows the census of certified 1 cent circulating coins by major TPG companies. ICCS : Data not available at this time. The values on this page are in Canadian dollars CAD. Buy 1 cent on Ebay. Back to Price Guide and Values. Your subscription could not be saved.

Please try again. Your subscription has been successful. Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated. La Loutre.The Eisenhower silver dollars have value as both numismatic coins and as silver bullion.

Keep reading to learn more about these coins. Total Weight: The US minted the S Eisenhower silver dollar as an uncirculated coin and also as a proof coin. Most of the coins minted were proof coins. The mint mark can be found above the date. Note that not every Eisenhower dollar is a silver coin. The US also minted the Eisenhower copper-nickel clad coin with no mint mark and also the D Eisenhower copper-nickel clad coin.

It's relatively easy to tell the difference between the silver clad coins and the copper-nickel clad coins. The silver coins will look shinier, and they will also weigh more. The silver coins weigh This coin, regardless of condition, is worth at least its weight in silver. There were 1, proof coins minted. Click here to search for silver dollars on Amazon. MS 63 choice uncirculated- In the major focal areas there are some blemishes or contact marks.

The coin's luster might not be as prominent. MS 65 gem uncirculated- There is strong luster and eye appeal. A few light contact marks may be present but they are barely noticeable.

The Red Book.Most Eisenhower dollars were struck with a copper-nickel clad metallic base, as most large-denomination U. However, with approval from the U. Treasury, the United States Mint struck around 4 million Eisenhower dollars with a 40 percent silver metal content. These silver Eisenhower dollars were all made at the San Francisco mint and were offered in both proof and uncirculated varieties.

The U. A breakdown of the mintages for these two types of Eisenhower dollars shows that 2, uncirculated S Eisenhower dollars were made while 1, proof S dollars were struck. Twitter Facebook. Blog Forum Community Secure Login. Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez. Coin Info Melt Value. Date Sold: November 08, Date Sold: November 07, Date Sold: November 06, Date Sold: November 05, Date Sold: November 04, S Eisenhower GS Date Sold: November 03, Date Sold: November 02, Date Sold: March 13, Date Sold: January 30, Date Sold: November 13, Comments 1.

Paige Allen about 3 years ago. I have a D Type 2, anyone know approximately what that would be valued at? There are no comments posted here yet.

Login to post a comment Username. Login Sign Up. Latest Blog Posts. Streber 04 August Lincoln Wheat pennies are one of the most popular series of U. Victor D. Brenner designed the coin under the direction of Pres. Theodore Roosevelt who was on a mission to redesign our nation's coinage. Lincoln was chosen as a subject for the penny to commemorate the th anniversary of his birth. Brenner's three initials V.

This new design approach was a break from tradition where only the designer's initial from his last name was used on the coin. Mint Engraver Charles E. Barber strongly objected to the use of three initials on the coin. The reverse dies were remade, and all the initials were removed but not before some coins were minted and released to the public.

Although market prices have eased over the last few years, this renewed interested has kept values and prices up.

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Any wheat penny is worth at least 5 cents to any dealer. Given the popularity of collecting Lincoln Wheat cents, there will always be a demand for quality coins.

The following Lincoln wheat cents in any condition, are worth considerable more than common wheat pennies. As such, these coins are frequently counterfeit or altered from common wheat pennies.

Intermediate and advanced coin collectors will learn how to grade Lincoln wheat pennies using the Sheldon scale of 1 to Lincoln wheat pennies were produced at three different mints: Philadelphia no mint markDenver D and San Francisco S.

These are approximate retail prices and wholesale values. Buy Circ. Sell Unc.

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Buy Unc. Related Topics. Coin Collecting.

1 cent 1972 - Canadian coins price guide and values - Coins and Canada

Read More.Although these pennies are still found in circulation today, there are a few of them that are worth a "pretty penny. The United States Mint first made the Lincoln penny in to celebrate the th anniversary of the birth of President Abraham Lincoln. In the Mint celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Lincoln penny by changing the reverse design to feature a rendition of the Lincoln Memorial.

Mint engraver Frank Gasparro designed the new reverse. Additionally, this also commemorated the th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth. From until pennies were composed of 95 percent copper and 5 percent tin and zinc with a diameter of 19 mm and a weight of 3.

In the price of copper dictated a change in the composition of the Lincoln penny. The mint made approximately half the pennies minted in from the mostly copper alloy. Inthe Mint replaced the reverse design with the Lincoln Bicentennial circulating commemorative coins. Lincoln Memorial pennies are very common, and you can find most dates in circulation today. However, some Lincoln cents have more than a penny's worth of copper in them, but it is illegal to melt them.

Lincoln pennies minted from to are made of 95 percent copper and have about 2. Beginning inthe U. These new copper plated pennies had less than one-half cent worth of zinc and copper in them. To discourage hoarding, half the pennies minted in were solid copper and the other half zinc.

The following Lincoln Memorial pennies in any condition, are worth considerable more than common ones:. In the U. Mint changed the design of the reverse to commemorate the th anniversary of Lincoln's birth with four different reverse designs. In a new reverse with a Union Shield was introduced. The Mint also produced Lincoln pennies for a short time at the West Point Mint, but mint marks were not used for these coins, and hence they are indistinguishable from the Philadelphia coins.

Buy Circ. Sell Unc. Buy Unc. Sell F. Date F. Related Topics. Coin Collecting. Read More.The games were overshadowed by the Munich massacre in which eleven Israeli athletes and coaches, and a German police officer, were killed by rebels. Before the massacre and in commemoration of the games, Germany issued many different 10 mark silver coins with different patterns, legends, mint marks, and edge lettering.

Most of these coins are unremarkable, and are worth only their silver value of 0. Proof versions were issued for collectors, and these usually command a little more than silver value.

Be sure to look up the current value of silver click to kitco.

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To find out if you have the valuable coin, run through this checklist: First : The coin must bear the spiral pattern in our picture at the upper right of this page.

It must not bear any of the other patterns in the secondary picture with the blue background. The coins in the blue picture are all German 10 mark coins datedand they are all made of 0. Third : The coin must have arabesque symbols on its edge, not dots or periods. Coins with these arabesque symbols are elusive, and some of the other patterns coins in picture with blue background have them as well. CoinQuest thanks Munzen Muller in L? If your coin meets all three criteria above, congratulations!

It is a special error coin and is worth a bunch of money. All other coins are worth their silver value, as outlined in the first paragraphs above. There is one final step to determine the value of the special coin: the mint mark D, F, G, or J. According to this Numista pagethe mintage of J 10 mark coins with the J mint mark on the side with the eagle as in our main picture is only coins.

1972 penny value

The mintage of D, F, and G mint marks is not precisely known, but is probably less than Find Coins. Browse Coins.

Lincoln Wheat Penny Values and Prices

Coins by Location. Coins by Genre. About CoinQuest. Germany 10 Mark Munich Olympics Matches Postponed or CancelledAny postponed or cancelled matches will be treated as a non-runner for settling purposes unless it is played within 48 hours of the original start time. Hockey (Non-Ice)Outright Betting is all-in compete or not.

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The running surface is altered (e. Each-Way BettingBets are settled to win unless Each-way is selected. In general, for UK horse racing the Place part of Each-way bets will be settled as per the following Place terms:Handicaps 16 or more runners one quarter the odds first four PlacesHandicaps 12 15 runners one quarter the odds first three PlacesAll other races of 8 or more runners one fifth the odds first three PlacesRaces of 5, 6 or 7 runners one quarter the odds first two PlacesLess than 5 runners the Place money is invested to WinIn all races the number of runners shall be the number of runners coming under starters orders.

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1972 penny value

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